Non-Volatile export
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NVEXPO - Non-Volatile EXPOrt

nxexpo it's a simple tool to define environment variables on-the-fly and persisting them between shell sessions.


  • Python 3.8

Dependencies to build

Dependencies to develop


Installation trough PyPI

To install the latest stable version follow the commands:

$ pip install nvexpo --user

You can also use pipx to install it:

$ pipx install nvexpo

From the source

To install from the source follow the commands:

$ poetry build
$ pip install dist/nvexpo*.whl


Add the following line to your .bashrc file:

eval "$(nvexpo init bash)"

Basic usage

The usage it's too simple. If you want to create a new env var into the current bash session use the command:

$ nx weird_variable=101

Then, you can close the current terminal or terminate the bash session, and when you start a new one, your env vars will still be there .

$ echo $weird_variable

Unset variables

To unset variables you need to use flag --unset:

$ nx var1="hello world"
$ echo $var1
hello world
$ nx --unset var1
$ echo $var1

$ works!!


The main motivation for creating this tool was that in my work I like to have the Git branch I'm working on in $branch, but it's annoying to have to create it every time I restart or close the terminal I was working on. I could add it to .bashrc directly, but I would have to do it every time I have to work on a new branch and it wasn't comfortable. So now instead of having to type:


I have to write:

nx branch="super_useful_change"

and that's it, no matter how many times I restart, my variable will be there.