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Inflate it's an algorithm to uncompress data compressed deflated

This is a very modified version of the image-rs/inflate removing the std dependency and minimizing Heap usage (although the usage was reduced quite a lot, I have not managed to make it 100% stack).


This crate use unsafe code. In particular I use some buffers stored in static mut and cause conflict when you try to use this crate in multithread. If you want to uncompress data in multithread use the image-rs/inflate crate.


use inflate_nostd::inflate_bytes;

let encoded = [203, 72, 205, 201, 201, 87, 40, 207, 47, 202, 73, 1, 0];
let decoded = inflate_bytes(&encoded[..]).unwrap();
println!("{}", core::str::from_utf8(&decoded).unwrap());


The code from image-rs/inflate is under the license MIT License and this another crate it's heavy inspired on that, so, this code is released under the MIT license.